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Friday, 06 January 2017 21:33

Fort Lauderdale Shooter Esteban Santiago, A Troubled Man Known to the FBI

Written by  Warner Todd Huston

Fort Lauderdale airport shooter Esteban Santiago was a troubled man with a history of mental health issues, along with claims of connections to the ISIS terror group, plus possible involvement with the FBI, say media reports of his background.

As news about the 26-year-old man rolls out, evidence shows Esteban Santiago to be a veteran of both the Alaska National Guard and the Puerto Rico National Guard. But the reports also show a young man who apparently claimed to have heard voices in his head telling him to join terror group ISIS, who had been under psychiatric treatment, and who turned himself in to the FBI claiming the terror group was compelling him to act.

Santiago flew on a Friday Air Canada fight from Anchorage, Alaska, stopped over in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then deplaned in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport. Then he walked to the baggage claim area, retrieved a gun he was legally transporting in his luggage, loaded it in a bathroom and emerged firing randomly at anyone who was near him.

Once he ran out of ammunition, he reportedly sat down on the floor and awaited authorities to take him away.

When the smoke cleared 13 people were wounded and five killed.

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It seems that only republicans are ever arrested, whether they were doing anything wrong or not. Conservatives have to walk on eggs, or they are harassed.

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I am wondering how he had a gun? Anyone that has been referred to the VA for psychiatric evaluation personal weapons are temporarily confiscated. If this was done, how did he get his gun back? If the government can take a shotgun away from an 80 year old grandmother because she has diminished mental capacity how come his weapon was not taken away? I know several vets undergoing PTSD treatment here in San Diego and their weapons are taken away from them. Is this another situation where the gun grabbers confiscatory laws didn't work? Sure, I know, more gun laws that only affect the lawful people will be pushed yet again.

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Another Homeland Security and Intelligence Community SUCCESS STORY!

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it seems that the fed's are corrupt down to the lower-level agents too,the field agents don't want to ruffle o'bummers feathers so they give the crazies a free pass .WE HAVE WAY TO MANY LETTER-AGENCIES ,TRYING TO WORK CONGRESS FOR FUNDING.before the communist slide of the deadmocrats, this country had a viable police force ,the state police protected the states, the fed's covered the inter-state problems, now we have a keystone-clown group of gestapo stepping on everybodys toes and not doing the protecting that they are paid to do .WAY TOO MANY LAWYERS-NOT ENOUGH STREET COPS..

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To the red flag perpetrator's, people are just a number. I believe the one's doing the shooting and killing are selected candidates for the job. The CIA and FBI have a full list of people who are susceptible to mind reprogramming and they take full advantage of them.
I believe this mind control program they use is planted in our military, colleges, churches and the entertainment industry.
If it isn't an immediate catastrophic act it's a long term act such as getting a foreign Muslim agent into the most powerful public position in the world, the President of the USA!!
Remember this, to Lucifer, lives do not matter as long as the agenda moves forward. Our world leaders are doing the same thing. Note that anyone who pops up and tries to expose them has a fatal accident or unexplained (multiple shot) suicide.
Pray for Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their families that they will not be the next casualties in the madhouse government.

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NOW, let's hear left wing television "news" harp that TRUMP shouldn't be criticizing America's so called "intelligence 'experts!'" No matter what TRUMP says, the media is going to twist it so out of shape that it means exactly the opposite of what he said. This 'news' further goes to prove that again TRUMP has TRUMPED the 'media!" Go TRUMP!!

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Another failure of the Obama FBI. He has allowed these people to run arround the country killing us. Now he wants to let the DHS to run our elections, just how corrupt can Obama get befor he is stopped? Too bad he wasn't at the airport, then he could have shown us how to protect ourselves without a firearm when these crazies start shooting. Hillary could have held his hand for immoral support.

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The FBI might take him more seriously now.well. I m sure there. Are morons in the FBI.i hear voices too. They say. Don't listen to the voices. No wait. Watchout.oh no.

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Just like the Orlando shooter, under investigation but nothing was done until tragedy hit.

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It appears to just a regular guy out here in the midwest that all these mass murderers were known to at least one intelligence agency in this country but were still allowed to wander the country until they carry out these terrible acts. Also, we seem to find out they were or are connected to some type of terrorist organization within the first 6 or 8 hours but again, nothing was done to stop them. The question I have and I cannot be alone is WHY or WHY NOT ???

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This is the same FBI that can surmise that the DNC computers were hacked by the Russians? Without ever inspecting them. The are credible Obama sycophants.

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We seem to have lots of intell on a lot of actors prior to them acting out, yet we fail to take action prior to the tradegy!

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(Updated: January 07, 2017)

The FBI is still under obola who chooses to protect criminals and this guy knew it, so he committed these crimes knowing he would be protected... Soooo he sat down so as not to be shot. He is as crazy as a fox. And now we have to pay for his keep for many years....duh. I hate this... Pray justice is done for the victims and their families..

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